Like the seasons, as time goes on, our lives change.

Things that we were able to do comfortably, not that long ago, become increasingly difficult due to infirmity, frailty or just simply getting that bit older. Perhaps you have been coping with a disability all of your life and a change has occurred that is currently making things more difficult. Perhaps you only need a hand with the shopping, help with showering or support to socialise a bit more. It could be that you have care needs that are more complex.

Here at Caledonia we promote independent living by helping people live the lives that they want in their own home.

So now you have a choice.

We are a company who can provide just a little or a lot of care and support to help people maintain their independence, where they belong, at home.

Please just contact us for more information.

46 Gordon Street,

Glasgow. G1 3PU
Tel: 0141 447 0102
E: info@caledoniahealthcare.co.uk

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